Music Director of Soulsecho
Artistic director of the album JOY
Samuel Rouesnel « Samuelito »
Samuel Rouesnel « Samuelito »
Samuelito will make us the immense joy to participate in the recording 2 of titles of the 1st album of Soulsecho.
Psalm 23 in Spanish and an adaptation of Luke Slott's Create in me a pure heart ..
Website Samuelito
Samuel Rouesnel "Samuelito" is one of the youngest French flamenco guitarists. Originally from Normandy, he began playing classical guitar at the age of seven at the Caen Conservatory. He is very quickly fascinated by the Spanish guitar and its techniques, which leads him to flamenco music that he discovers through singing and guitar.
From the age of nine, he was introduced to the falsetas of Sabicas and the other great masters of flamenco guitar, then his meeting with the guitarist Ramon Sanchez made him discover a form of modern flamenco guitar, through the harmony and techniques of Paco de Lucía.
Olivier Koundouno
Olivier KoundounoVioloncelliste
Guinea Conakry/ France
Classical / Jazz / World music / urban music ..
He creates a sound of rare depth all his sources have been preserved the unity excels in each of his plots …
FRED FALLCONTREBASSISTE BASSISTE Soulsecho, is a "resonator of souls". Of Franco-Senegalese origin, he is responsible for taking the listener on a linguistic journey in 10 stages, punctuated by sounds as different as the horizons and origins of the 4 musicians who make up the group. Soulsecho emphasizes the universality of prayer, whether it is addressed to a god, a fellow man, a living being, an element. It is therefore a message of peace and hope.
Park Stickney
Park StickneyHarpiste de Jazz virtuose
Studio session with Park Stickney [Arizona (Usa)] and Olivier Koundouno (Cello) in Switzerland for the recording of JOY, OUR FATHER AND FRAGILE…
Artist of incomparable musicality.
Celine, trained dancer and polyglot, mixes dance styles with sign language, her mother tongue.
Sign language, according to her, is, beyond a means of communication, a form of bodily expression, allowing it to be included in her choreographies.
It is the mix of genres (classical dance, jazz, hip-hop and salsa) that defines his vision of dance.
Sharing and giving to be able to exchange and offer the public more than just choreography are his vision of things. This is how she naturally joined Kristel Adams' project, which is totally in line with her philosophy, namely the mixing of genres and languages.
What could be more important than love and multilingualism to transmit to Man that living in love and sharing is a joy.
It is his passion for languages and dance that led him to participate in this strong and emotional project.
From café concert to private concert to public concert
Friends and accomplices for nearly 20 years.
Eddy Malka accompanies Kristel Adams, for his first tribute to the Rashi space of Gospel in Hebrew, precursor of an unprecedented fusion. You can discover a sublime arrangement of Lael Baroukh in concert.

Kristel asked me to put music on unifying prayers we composed and created melodies
I told myself that it was obvious that it was she who realized this tribute to the peoples of the world.She is a person of great spirituality, benevolent and I fully agree with this state of mind.
Being of Jewish faith we started by recording Lael Baroukh.
Kristel is sensitive to this religion so it was easy it flowed naturally we never took very long to compose.
The Jewish religion does not have the monopoly rightly because it was also obvious that it looks at other unifying texts in Portuguese Spanish in Aramaic hence our first composition concerning this tribute Our Father .
She knows how to surround herself and the rhythm is embodied in each of us
This is what binds us all the heart and the music.

Rossitza MILEVSKA is a brilliant harpist, pianist but also singer.
Of Bulgarian origin, Rossitza is an accomplished artist: improviser, composer, as gifted in Jazz as in Classical Music.
Rossitza has followed an exemplary training: National School of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria (harp and piano), Higher Diploma in Harp of
the National Academy of Music in Sofia.
In 2011 she became the 1st Harpist graduated in Jazz Harp from a French Conservatory.
The originality of her projects has allowed her to be invited to many international festivals.
Today, the sparkling Rossitza is internationally recognized in the harp world for her constant search for new sounds for this elegant, graceful and dreamy instrument.
Spotted by trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf in 2021, Rossitza was selected to join her brand new orchestra "Free Spirit Ensemble", the first classical orchestra whose specialty is improvisation.
Mike Rajamahendra
Mike RajamahendraBatteur Arrangeur
Encounters but never chance in this 25-year career where the artistic has mingled with affinities or friendships. Drummer with multiple influences certainly coming from parents from Africa and India who instilled in him openness to others. From Michel Fugain to the Orchestre National de Barbès via Delegation or the incredible tribute to James Brown, he finds himself in a new adventure as unlikely as it is obvious with Kristel Adams where talent, spirituality and sharing emerge with force! Hence this overflowing desire to be part of a chapter of this story.
ARNAUD FRANCK For 40 years Arnaud has been travelling the world with his percussions to accompany French and international artists (jazz, salsa, oriental music, Brazilian, African, varieties). Scenes/ TV / Studios: -Carlos Santana- Ray Charles-Ricky Martin-Elkie Brooks. He is currently on tour with Daniel Levi. Arnaud is also a consultant "agility well-being" in business ( It seemed obvious to him to adhere to Kristel Adams' project, as the purpose is so strong, driven by an urgent need to bring human beings together at their best. Singing in all these languages to be able to touch people and convey this message of peace, respect and love naturally joins the vision of the traveling musician that he is and associating with Kristel and Soulsecho has only reinforced his conviction that anything is possible alongside this woman animated by this desire to SAY and DO.