Kristel Adams

In unity everything is possible because nothing can be measured.

Two continents flow in its strings and veins, Africa, Asia to flourish in Europe.
She draws with naturalness and joy from improvisation and makes beautiful nuances sound with various warm and harmonious colors.
A voice that is forged in the roots of jazz, blues, gospel, R'n'B, world music.

She accompanies George Benson, Manu Dibango, Mory Kanté, Florent Pagny… and sings Edith Piaf, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin…

Today in a repertoire without borders it honors Aramaic, Hebrew, Breton, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Latin, French, Bulgarian, Berbers …

Her voice adapts with delicacy and depth.

The journey is the one we make towards each other.

To draw closer to the faith of other peoples is also to draw closer to my own. I am always admiring new cultures especially during celebrations… It is as if these people made you travel aboard the ship of their souls. Prayer unites so that peace and love of neighbor may exult.

Her charisma makes her our friend.

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"If a man reaches the heart of his religion, he also reaches the heart of other religions."