To highlight the cultural diversities existing across the European continent in its broadest sense.
This project was born in 2015, after the release of a first gospel album in Hebrew produced in 2009 named Hazkenivoices, while Kristel Adams was composing music on a sacred text (OUR FATHER) in Aramaic.
As an obvious follow-up to her previous experience and her love for cultural diversity and its sharing, the first concert of Soulsecho took place, in 2016, at the Cathedral of Toulon thanks to the benevolence and support of Monsignor Dominique Rey and Father Alexis Well. This tribute to faith has already brought together several artists of all origins, such as harpists Park Stickney (USA) and Rossitza Milevska (Bulgarian), pianist Eddy Malka (of Jewish origin), percussionist Arnaud Frank (Judeo-Hungarian -Beninese), the bassist Fred Fall (Franco-Senegalese), the drummer Mike Rajamahendra (Mauritian) or the choreographer who speaks in LSF, Céline Amiel (of Jewish origin).

Our goal is to deepen this amazing human experience which aims to meet and know his neighbor in his identity and his rich difference; through an international tour in collaboration with artists from the host countries.

The echo of the world (lechodumonde) is much more than a tribute, it is a continuous hymn which promotes living together and similarly, is constantly expanding! UNITE in the deepest thoughts of our humanity in more than 15 languages. When the light fails in our eyes, we close them to rediscover that spark which flickers inside us and which never fades… but which sometimes needs a second wind to shine again.

A masterful fusion of instruments, a crystal voice, gospel, body and mind…

Kristel Adams